All of our products are Factory Direct in Punta Gorda FL for over 23 years providing you with the best Experience, customization and the highest quality products.

Soap Rests

Made of a Recycled Bio Plastic that is Eco-Friendly and Soy & Corn Based BPA FREE. Designed to be a dry Pad to keep soap scum off of your sink counters and onto the Soap Rests. Simply Rinse under warm water to Clean.

Available in up to 25 colors . Design for 4 & 5 oz. Bars as well as custom soaps.

Measures 4.5" x 3.25" to 4.25" x 3.25" and up to 3/8 thick, and can be custom made to fit your needs. All products are ultrasonically cut and assembled right here in our factory in Punta Gorda Florida, USA.

America’s Lowest Cost on the Market- Guaranteed! Factory Direct!

Soap Rest Cutouts

Designed the same way as Soap Rests, but cut into different shapes such as Fish, Turtles, Ducks, Shells, Bears, Frogs, Dog Bone, Black Bear, Butterfly, Sea Shell, Heart, Flower, Bunny, Tortoise, Elephant, Manatee, etc. Do you have a specific cutout you would like? Let us know as we can cutout out more characters. We even cut out different shapes. Just let us know!

Soap Rest Inlays

Our most popular Soap Rest is the Inlaid Type. These Inlaid Soap Rests have a character or symbol inserted into the Soap rests for a different appeal to customers. For example, we have Pink Flamingos inlaid into a White Soap Rest, Green Turtles into a White Soap Rest, Cracked Ice Christian Fish symbol into a Beige Soap rest, etc. Basically we can do any type of inlay if space allows.

Candle Rests

Designed to keep the wax and hot drippings off of your table, counters and furniture.

Our Candle rest are made with the same material as Soap Rests except most are circles or various shapes such as Hexagon, octagon, Ovals, etc.

Designed mainly for circular candles but other shapes are popular as well. Let us know what shape you need and we can make it!

Candle Rests are designed to absorb the wax from spillage of candles.

Once the wax is dry, just flex the material and the wax falls right off.

Available in all sizes and shapes.

Coaster Rests

Coasters are round BPA Free Eco Friendly Bio Plastic designed to keep your Coffee or hot beverage from damaging your Desk or furniture.

The come in 25 colors and can be inlaid with your initial or symbol!

They come in all shapes. Design your own if you like!

We also have Coaster Available with vinyl Backing for cold beverages which keeps the moisture in the coaster and not on the table. Just rinse and reuse.

Plant Rests

Plant Rests are designed to keep the dirt and soil off of your patio or Lanai, along with algae, Mildew and nasty circles that the Pot leaves.

Provides air flow to bottom of plants to prevent Root RottingThey also keep from scratching Decks and Painted surfaces. A MUST for all potted plants.

Available in Black, Brown, Gunmetal or other colors of your Choice. Simply rinse and put back in place. Sizes in 8”, 10” or 12” Custom sizes available as well. Last for years! Self Draining, Bio Plastic-Eco Friendly!